Ryan Seys

engineer at verily / google life sciences


Fun experiments and random hacks... don't look at the code.


May 10, 2016
A cute little write-only Google Keep app.KeepyKeepy was created out of a need to take notes in Google Keep without the constant distraction…


December 15, 2014
Molecules reads in Chemical Markup Language (CML) files and renders the molecules using OpenGL. It allows you to spin and zoom the molecules…


July 20, 2014
is a JavaScript module for use with the Tessel microcontroller. It allows you to easily communicate in Morse code using your Tessel’s LEDs…


February 17, 2014
Lune.js is a JavaScript library for calculating the phases of the moon. It can calculate the phase of the moon for any date, as well as the…


May 04, 2013
PhotoGPS is a simple and fast web app you can use to instantly plot your photos on Google Maps, based on where they were taken. Simply drag…


February 02, 2013
tmprtr is a clean & simple location-based weather webapp built on the Wunderground weather API. It was made with simplicity and cleanliness…

Next OTrain

August 01, 2012
Next-OTrain is a one-click solution to determine when Ottawa’s O-Train is scheduled for its next arrival.Ottawa, Ontario is home to the…

BigBlueButton HTML5 Client

July 01, 2012
BigBlueButton HTML5 Client is an experimental HTML5 port of BigBlueButton, an open source web conferencing system, which allows real-time…

Multi-Session WebCT

May 29, 2011
Multi-Session WebCT is a Firefox addon/Chrome extension that “enables” multiple sessions for Carleton U’s WebCT.Note: WebCT at Carleton…