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Learning to live, by learning to breathe

March 31, 2018
“You Are Now Breathing Manually…”When someone tells you this, your initial reaction is to likely try to fight the urge to think about your…

Hello, Verily

June 01, 2016
Exactly one year ago, I joined Google DevRel with the hope of helping improve developer’s lives, making them more productive and successful…

Contribute to READMEs

May 17, 2015
Open source development is booming and many people, developers or otherwise, are eager to jump onboard! Lots of people have approached me…


December 29, 2014
Twenty-fourteen has been a fantastic year for me. The following post allows me to both reminisce on all the fun times I’ve had in 2014 (and…

Mozilla Internship FAQ

July 19, 2014
Over the past year I have received numerous emails regarding my internship at Mozilla. I wrote this post to answer some of the more common…

Fooling with Open Data

February 09, 2014
This evening after a long day of working on school assignments (BORING), I got a really big urge to start fooling with open data. So I did.I…

I made a thing

December 01, 2013
I made a thing. It only took me this weekend to do, but now there it is. It is that fact, its existence, that made it all worth it.Perhaps I…

Show People

November 11, 2013
“The truth is generally seen, rarely heard.” — Baltazar Gracian (1601-1658)Recently I’ve been thinking about Shopify’s mantra ”Do things…

177 Days of GitHub

September 14, 2013
This is the story of how I contributed to GitHub for 177 consecutive days, nearly half a year. I will talk of why I did it and why you…

My Summer at Mozilla

September 01, 2013
As of writing this, I am currently on my flight back to Canada wrapping up my internship at Mozilla for the summer. I just wanted to take…

Building PhotoGPS

July 13, 2013
PhotoGPS is a simple and fast web app you can use to instantly plot your photos on Google Maps, based on where they were taken.It does this…

Going Paperless

April 07, 2013
I was inspired today by a Lifehacker post to go paperless. I am in the midst of decluttering my life in preparation for moving, and with a…

Getting browser location with tmprtr

February 02, 2013
I very recently created an app called tmprtr. It is a very simple weather app that uses your location to get weather data. I created it…

Using Jekyll with Github Pages

November 25, 2012
In the last couple days, I fired up this personal website for myself to showcase some of the projects I have been working on as well as to…