Ryan Seys

engineer at verily / google life sciences

I made a thing

December 01, 2013

I made a thing. It only took me this weekend to do, but now there it is. It is that fact, its existence, that made it all worth it.

Perhaps I rushed it? Maybe I should have taken a couple weekends, sat on the idea a bit longer? Drilled over the design a bit harder? Wrote more tests before releasing it into the wild? Maybe I should have taken less time and shipped it from day one? Designed in the open? Wrote no tests or documentation and just hacked it?

Who cares what I should have done, when all we know is what I did do. I made a thing. It’s not perfect, but it works.

I’m not that proud of what it is, for it’s only a thing. I’m more proud that I was able to get it done. I’m more proud that I told myself I was gonna make it, and then I made it.

When I envisioned on day one what this thing would look like on release day, I have to say it looked a hell of a lot better than this. More tests, cleaner docs, dryer code. Now don’t get me wrong, it could also be a lot worse. It’s not that I don’t care about all those good things, but countless times I’ve waited for that right moment to launch only to never launch at all. Don’t do that.

So there we are, I made a thing. And I wrote this post. I told myself I would do something, and I kinda actually did it. That’s what success is to me.